Illumina, Global Genomics Leader & Cajon Valley Collaborate on The World of Work


How can a child aspire to be a Bioinformatician?  This is one of hundreds of new jobs that didn’t even exist a year ago because of the rapid convergence of technology, research, and scientific breakthroughs.  Global Genomics Leader, Illumina, opened their doors to the Cajon Valley Union School District last week to assist in answering this question.  Just as trailblazers like Illumina will need a skilled and adaptive workforce to continue curing cancer and improving conditions for the human race, our local schools need exposure and opportunities for our students during their formative years to align their strengths, interests, and values towards finding their place in the world.  We are very excited about this partnership and are grateful to Illumina for including our students in their mission to improve the human condition.  The video below was made last year at Illumina with employees and thought leaders on the future.

Cajon Valley Union School District “World of Work” Initiative