Special Reunion at Blossom Valley

Nothing pulls at our heartstrings more than the viral videos that we see documenting the moment that our service men and women surprise their families with an unexpected reunion. Last Friday, Blossom Valley Elementary School and the Cajon Valley Jumpstart program were given the opportunity to play a small part in our own special reunion story.

Blossom Valley’s first grade teacher, Lacey Campbell, has been caring for her niece Vanessa for the past nine months while her sister, Lindzy Macias, served our country overseas. This past week was Vanessa’s fifth birthday, and her only birthday wish was for her mother to come home.   Ms. Macias received word that her requested leave was granted and made last minute arrangements for the long trip from Bahrain to fulfill her daughter’s birthday wish.

We would like to send a special thank you to Lacey and her family for allowing us to be a part of this special reunion.

Keith Himaka
Principal – Blossom Valley Elementary School

CVUSD Summer Vacation Program

Our summer vacation program has started off with a bang!  It is hard to believe we are already two weeks into the program.  We are currently running two programs; one at Rancho San Diego and one at Chase Elementary.  Highlighted are a few things the students have been doing this summer.  Students have had an opportunity to see the Cuyamaca Gardens and their new Butterfly exhibit.  They’re having fun learning Spanish, dappling in creative arts, and getting ready for our kickball tournament!  These are just a few of the engaging activities the students are enjoying!  In the upcoming weeks we will be visiting The Midway, The Children’s Museum and The Olympic Training Center as well as having many more fun and exciting activities planned.  If you would like to have your elementary school age child join us this summer, there is still time!  Please contact us at 619-590-2789.

Cajon Valley Union School District’s Intra-Mural Sports Program

Sports photo

We would like to say a big “thank you” to all the coaches with the Extended Day Program.  The coaches are enthusiastic and are able to recruit numerous students for the program.  The coaching staff consists of the following members:  Walley Yeakle, Patrik Gunnarsson,  Rebecca Taylor, Travis Kuecken, Donald Rhodes,  Dick DeStefano, Daniel Herman, Elizabeth Smith,  Dave DeLamarter, Debbie Raddatz, Denise Irman, Stephan Davidson,  Diane Putrus, Tyler Cohn, and Madalyn Brion-Reed.  They dedicate their time and passion to the students in our intra-mural sports program.  The intra-mural sports program operates at all middle schools throughout the district.  The students may choose to participate in flag football, basketball, soccer, and track and field.  The sport program serves over 425 students on a daily basis. Students must have good behavior and grades to participate; the intra mural sports program is an effective intervention at the middle school level.  The coaches provide the students practice time on the different sports then play games with other schools both inside and outside of our district. Without their hard work and commitment we would not have the successful sports program that we have.  A special thanks to the coaches for making our students successful in the intra-mural sports program!

Innovations: “Shift Happens”


The Special Education and Pupil Services Department has planned and implemented professional development for certificated staff regarding the “Innovations” such as the following:

  • Digital devices
  • Blended Learning classrooms
  • Project Based learning
  • Smarter Balanced
  • Common Core standards
  • Other related items

The goal is to work together to identify common strands across the district which will be adjusted by program setting and school site.  For example, all resource specialist staff have the opportunity to work together to address how roles and responsibilities of staff and students will change. The RSP’s and SLP’s are working together to avoid duplication of efforts and enhance collaboration.  In addition, Special Day class teachers are working with staff that provide services to similar students, such as age and disability.

Staff will have background knowledge about the new Common Core standards and link it to the development of IEP’s, including goals and objectives.  Sample classroom schedules will be utilized to provide practical application in each respective instructional setting at the school sites.

It is a joint effort with the Educational Services staff including Carmen Restrepo, Linda Roach, and Kristen Goodrich.  Based on the expectations of the innovations, legal requirements, feedback from staff, and other factors, the journey will continue.

Wendy Vaughn Platt, Ph.D.
Special Education and Pupil Services Department

Technology @ Cajon Valley

At the request of Trustee Markle, an update was given to the Board of Trustees about our current technology initiatives, as well as, information on what technology looks like across our classrooms.  As you can see from the presentation, technology in Cajon Valley is becoming increasingly old and there is a huge need for additional funds to support our current program, in addition to any new initiatives.  The last few slides in the presentation shows the age of devices across our district schools.  If I may point out the orange bars specifically, they represent technology that is five or more years old.

Report Card Committee Begins!

Report Card Committee 2013-2014 (rev. 2/6/14)


Committee’s Purpose: To review and revise the current CVUSD standards-based report card in TK-5 to align with the California Common Core State Standards and the English Language Development Standards to be implemented in the 2014-2015 school year.

Committee Members (general):

Must have at least one member (CVEA, teacher, or admin) per site

  • Site administrators
  • CVEA
  • Parents (attend meetings designated with *)
  • Teachers

○      TK-5 (minimum of 3 per grade level)
○      SPED/RSP
○      English Learners
○      Dual Language/Bilingual Transitional Alternative Program
○      Information Technology (subcommittee)

2013-2014 Timeline (Full committee attendance dates are bolded)

Date Tentative Agenda/Activity Outcome Next Steps/Follow Up
Nov. & Dec. 2013 Selection of committee members Finalized Report Card Committee Nov. 6 Principals’ Council: principal input of members
Dec. 2013 Meet w/ IT to determine system capacity and constraints Know capacity and constraints to share with report card committee before beginning process Maintain frequent and regular communication with IT
Jan. 9, 2014*-winter break

 (full day)


  • purpose of committee
  • review CCSS & ELD
  • look at and evaluate CCSS-based report cards

○  rate format
○  list positive attributes (layout, terms, components)

1st draft started & format determined 



Review CCSS 
Jan. 10, 2014-winter break

*parents attend second half of day (full day)

  • content standards

○  ELA

○  math

○  science

○  social studies

○  ELD

1st draft of report card addresses:

  • o format
  • o standards: ELA, math, science, social studies, ELD
Feedback reviewed and incorporated into draft 2 

Jan. 23: Principals’ Council feedback

Jan. 14, 2014(subcommittee mtg – Linda & IT) Review & approval of report card format (with respect to technical issues) Approval of general design features
Jan. 21 & 27 (subcommittee mtg. for ELD section of  rpt card)
  • input from EL dept to include on report card
EL & ELD input, requirements & review of rpt card draft to date Refinement of front of report card
Jan. 28, 2014**parents attend

(3 hours after school)

3:30 to 6:30


  • feedback on draft 1
  • discussion on any technical limitations
  • discussion on performance indicators and behavior/social skills (21st century lifelong learner?)
2nd draft (“front” of report card) complete with:

  • o content standards
  • o performance indicators
  • o behavior & study skills- 21st century lifelong learner
Feedback reviewed and incorporated into draft 3  

Mar. 5 or 12: Principals’ Council feedback

Jan. 28 – Apr. 1 (content experts)
  • Review of content standards on draft
Alignment of content standards to CCSS Continued refinement of report card front
Apr. 7, 2104 (Spring break)(full day)

*parents attend second half of day

8:00 to 3:00


  • feedback on draft 2
  • discussion on “narrative” explanation of report card?


  • [make-up day is April 9 for those unable to attend on April 7]
3rd draft of report card

  • o content standards
  • o performance indicators
  • o behavior & study skills- 21st century lifelong learner
  • o narrative of standards/ indicators
Feedback reviewed and incorporated into final version 
Apr. 9, 2014(subcommittee meeting – Linda & IT) Review of final of front of report card (with respect to technical issues) Finalized technical format of front of report card Electronically share with district teachers & invite comment via survey
Apr. 14 to Apr. 25
  • draft copy available electronically to all district teachers for review & input
Completed survey Share feedback with committee
Apr. 29, 2014(3 hours after school)

*parents attend full meeting

3:30 to 6:30


  • Discussion, review, last input
  • Recommend final draft
  • Develop communication plan



talking points

Final version Board agenda item: CCSS-aligned report card
May 13, 2014May 29, 2014 Board information report (5/13) Board approval (5/29)
June 2014 – July 2014 Translation and production Translated versions ready for production; programming design complete Translated & production copies to print shop
Aug. 2014 – Sept. 2014 Report card overview with principals & teachers Introduction of and training on new report card
November 2014 First use by teacher Introduction to parents


Naranca Spends the Day with Stedman Graham

Principal Mike Serban engaged the Naranca leadership team and staff in a conversation with Stedman Graham on a purpose-driven vision for student success.  Board members Deanne Markle and Suzanne Mullins were in attendance.

LCC English Honors Winter Program

Mr. Roemmich does it again in grand fashion!  Student speakers blew away the audience with powerful original written work based on literary works read in class.  Los Coches Creek student artwork provided a nice backdrop for the event.  Great job Mr. Roemmich and students!

CVMS Celebrates Digitial Learning Day

Click the schedule to see how Cajon Valley Middle School celebrated Digital Learning Day on Feb. 5, 2014.  Way to go team!

Community Day School spends the day with Stedman Graham

Stedman Graham spent the entire day at our Community Day School working with students and staff on both setting and achieving goals.  Check this video out the students made to say thank you to Mr. Graham.