EdSurge Article Summary and Reflection by Lisa Russo (HMS)

What Skills Do Google, Pinterest, and Twitter Employees Think Kids Need To Succeed?


  1. I quickly found that the skill people should master is clear writing—the ability to write well. I think that writing English might seem mundane compared with writing an iPhone app, but it really gives you a leg up on people who have just the technical skills. Being able to write well is never wasted—it forces you to understand your own thoughts and goals and what you’re trying to accomplish, and break them down in a way that actually ends up being parallel to the work that you do in programming computers.
  2. I think that public speaking is so important. I think it’s being at Google where I really developed that skill… I think that’s something we don’t put a lot of emphasis on, but it is super important, from my perspective.
  3. Having critical thinking around what you’re doing and where it is that you want to go is something I think is really important. Having a good idea of what it is you want to learn and where you want to go can do a lot to help further your career.
  4. I also think we should cultivate being unafraid of technical things. I think it’s important to arrive with the skill that you are capable of learning anything—even if it’s technical.
  5. To add to that, I think with problem solving, there also comes this notion of resiliency. I know we teach that failure should be embraced, because that way, you uncover more successes… Sometimes in those failures, you reveal your biggest triumphs, too. How do you bounce back from a failure and don’t get less confident or you don’t feel that you can’t move on from that?
  6. It comes back to growth mindset for me. I think that really helps you have that resiliency and grow faster.


Shared by Lisa Russo, Hillsdale Middle School (Thank you Lisa)