Johnson Jaguars Finish The Year Strong

On Thursday, Governing Board President Jo Allegria and I had the pleasure of joining the Johnson Volunteer Tea, watch the 5th graders rehearse their songs for promotion, and visit students and teachers showing of their best work at the end of the school year.  The Volunteer Tea was beautiful.  It was so evident that the parent volunteers felt so valued and appreciated.  The detail and thoughtfulness put into the celebration by Johnson teachers and staff made my heart smile.  The progress made at Johnson this year in terms of academic focus, blended learning, and progress monitoring was impressive.  I was also very impressed by the routines and procedures in place to set high expectations for student behavior and proper engagement.  You have much to be proud of Johnson Team!  Congratulations on an outstanding school year!

David Miyashiro Ed.D., Superintendent


Snippet of Kids Singing at the Volunteer Tea

Snippet of 5th Graders Practicing a Song for Promotion