Innovation and Team Work @ W.D. Hall

W.D. Hall students and staff were excited to share their teaching and learning with Dr. David Miyashiro and Board Trustee, Karen Clark-Mejia, this week.  Classrooms were abuzz with engaging and fun lessons and activities.  Fourth grade students were conducting NGSS science experiments to determine sound waves while first graders were doing experiments to explore camouflaging as part of a Mystery Science unit. Fifth graders were coding using Scratch to create videos to promote our Character Trait of the Month (Tolerance).  They were also building and coding robots using Lego robotics.  Our 3rd-5th grade students are developing TED Talks and several students were eager to share their creative ideas with our visitors.  Students participating in reading intervention programs were reading to their kindergarten buddies, part of their weekly motivation and routine.  Flexible seating is spreading throughout campus as we see the benefits of providing students choice in their learning environment.  All of this is made possible through the tremendous efforts and collaboration of our Grade Level Teams.  Their work is evident in classrooms and making a difference in changing the lives of students.

Colleen Newman, Principal

W.D. Hall Elementary School