Cajon Valley Middle School “Educating the whole child”

Cajon Valley Middle School staff and students are hard at work again in the new year.  CVMS staff are implementing visible learning strategies across the campus.  They are clarifying expected learning, aligning and streamlining activities, ultimately paving the way for self regulated learners.  CVMS students are engaged in the learning process.  They are provided multiple opportunities to apply their learning through hands on activities.  They deepen their understanding of topics through activities that require higher order thinking.  

All that work does not come without its share of fun.  CVMS actively celebrates student accomplishments and the staff is committed to educating the whole child.  CVMS is still rocking “Fun Fridays” and on Thursday of this week the staff competed against the students in the annual staff vs. student soccer game.  It was an epic game that ultimately came down to penalty shots at the end.  Everybody was a winner!!

Justin Goodrich, Principal

Cajon Valley Middle School