Flying Hills Students Shine in the Classroom and on the Stage!

Practice Time for 6th Grade!

3rd Grade Winter Performance Excerpts

Flying Hills Students Shine in the Classroom and on the Stage!

On Thursday, December 8th, Dr. Miyashiro, Jo Alegria, and Josh VanNormal came to visit Flying Hills Elementary School and toured classrooms where the students are engaged in learning in and through the arts.  We are proud of our educational program where every single student at our school receives instruction in music, visual arts, and the performing arts as part of their regular instructional day.  Learning is meaningful and memorable at Flying Hills and as you can see from the linked videos, our students are shining stars in so many ways!

Jeremy Lyche, Principal

Flying Hills Elementary School

FAME (Fine Arts Magnet Education)

Hillsdale Middle School: A Student Centered Approach to Education

Hillsdale Middle School wants to thank Dr. Miyashiro and Assistant Principal Dobbins for touring our campus today. Hillsdale is very proud to show our student centered approach to education. Hillsdale is a school that focuses on students working collaboratively with their peers to solve complex tasks. These collaborative efforts take place in students core classes as well a diverse range of engaging electives. In addition, Hillsdale is proud to show the many leadership opportunities we provide to students including: sports leadership, ASB, SAW, WEB and Mouse Squad. This year is off to a great start at Hillsdale Middle school due to the amazing work of our teachers. I am excited to show the continued growth and work of our students and staff.

Jake Launder, Principal

Hillsdale Middle School

Presentation Literacy @ Bostonia Language Academy

The Bostonia Language Academy team recognizes that preparing students for a brighter future includes the ability to effectively deliver a message to a variety of audiences.  In order to meet this goal, our team has integrated a new component to our robust academic program: Presentation Literacy.  Presentation Literacy instruction strengthens the communication skills needed to inform, motivate, persuade, and/or inspire others on a number of topics.  In addition to a focus on public speaking, Presentation Literacy promotes other critical skill sets that include critical thinking, problem solving, relationship building, creativity, design, research, and writing/editing.  By adapting the TedEd Presentation Literacy resources, our team was able to access quality CCCS standards aligned lessons as they delivered instruction.  

Our students had their first opportunity to showcase their Presentation Literacy skills during the Trimester 1 Demonstration of Learning.  This Demonstration of Learning event brought together staff, students, parents, and community members to celebrate the skills that our students had developed or refined over the period of a trimester. As students presented their Computer Science projects to an authentic audience, they were encouraged and well prepared to apply a number of skills,  including their Presentation Literacy skills.  Students presented their projects in Spanish and English by using Google Apps to describe the process they had followed to develop their projects.  As they informed and inspired their audience, it was hard not to notice the level of confidence and knowledge they had acquired. During Demonstration of Learning events, the audience is able to provide specific feedback to students on their presentation skills through the use of a rubric.  This student-friendly rubric is intended to keep students focused and encouraged to continue to refine their skills as public speakers.  As teachers use this rubric in class throughout the trimester, students understand that feedback is an integral component of improvement. The feedback from the rubric is designed to be clear and focused.  With teacher guidance and support, students are able to understand how the information they are receiving helps them make progress toward their final goal. 

Join us for our next Demonstration of Learning event in March! Our teachers and students truly appreciate the opportunity to showcase the skills they have developed through hard work and effort.  

Izela R. Jacobo, Principal

Bostonia Language Academy

Avocado Gators Recognized by MIND Research Institute: K-12 Game-a-thon Winners

Our friends at MIND Research Institute sponsored the K-12 Game-a-thon this past year.  “The K-12 Game-a-thon challenges students to design, build and share a game that features creative and unusual solution­­s to mathematical problems.”

Avocado fourth grade teams collaborated, created and invented indoor games, apps, and outdoor games that addressed one or more mathematical topic. Our student teams participated in this competition on their own time with support from their teachers Mrs. Gillis and Mrs. Ortega.  They enjoyed the process which allowed them to think about math outside of the classroom.  

Approximately 100 entries were submitted from across the United States.  We would like to recognize all of our Gators that participated, and would like to congratulate the “Fractioneers” team from Mrs. Gillis’s class for being identified as one of the “2016 Top 5 Game-a-thon Teams”!  Avocado’s “Fractioneers” team received an awards package and is now immortalized in the Game-a-thon Hall of Fame!  Congratulations, “Fractioneers”!  Check out their Fraction Tag video.

Keith Himaka, Principal

Avocado Elementary School