Cajon Valley Celebrates The El Cajon Police Dept. & Heartland Fire and Rescue

For Red Ribbon Week local Superheroes from The El Cajon Police Department and Heartland Fire & Rescue helped the children of Cajon Valley say “no to drugs” and make healthy choices.  The students had lots of fun learning about the very important work our police officers and firefighters do every day to make our community safe.  This video is part 2 of 2. (a continuation of kid logic)


Student body presidents from each of our twenty-six schools accompanied by counselors, principals, and some parents by bus to the Lexington Fire Station and the El Cajon Police Department to deliver thank you letters from all Cajon Valley Students.  Our Child Nutrition team cooked a healthy and delicious lunch for our local firefighters and police officers to enjoy with our student leaders.  Check out the videos below to see a couple of our rock star middle school ASB presidents speaking at the station and a short slideshow of our kids engaging with our local superheroes.

Magnolia is AWEsome

Magnolia never ceases to amaze me or our visitors.  There are many things I can share…our adventures with new furnishings and flexible seating, a commitment to making learning visible, implementation of STREAM experiences/projects to engage students and help them learn and connect with their strengths, interests, and values…

However, a note I received from Lucy R after a learning walk really says it all:

What an inspiring morning!  I sent you detailed notes of what we saw by grade level, but just wanted to share a few highlights.  The first thing I noticed was the consistency across and within grades along with high expectations in so many classrooms.  Another thing that stood out was the warm, caring, and strong communities in the classrooms. Student engagement, writing volume, enthusiasm, and classroom management were evident across the grades. We also came away with ideas for where we might head next.

Although only some grades have had the PD on goal setting, many teachers were jumping ahead and doing it with their conferencing.

I am in awe of what they have accomplished without any PD last year- a very special group! 

Magnolia is AWEsome.  

Amanda Silva, Principal

Magnolia Elementary School

Just Dance 2 @ Montgomery Middle School

We worked on these Just Dance 2 numbers (from YouTube) for about 6 weeks, about 30 minutes each day.  The class is was co-taught with 35 kids, mainly GenEd 6th graders from Mr. Day’s class with about 14 6th, 7th and 8th graders in Lois Wetzel’s SpEd class.  Her assistant is Veronica Vargas.  They were simply amazing.  I have co-taught with Lois before, but we never did anything musical and to see these kids come ALIVE with singing and dancing was a highlight of my entire career. The Speech Pathologist, Katie Bernadkin and Psychologist, Joanne Peterson were also there and loved every minute of it. 

Kevin Day, Director/Producer/Teacher

Montgomery Middle School

Look Out… Here Comes Lexington!!!

Lexington welcomed visitors to see the big changes happening in our classrooms.  There is a big focus on strong English Language Development instruction.  “It should be the noisiest time of the day!” says the teachers and the kids are making it happen with songs, chants, choral responses, partner talk and using complete sentences in their responses.  Lexington is getting kids to read and write like All Stars with the Columbia Teachers College Reading and Writing Programs. Reading at their independent level is helping our kids apply high level comprehension strategies.  Students are also showing their learning with personal goals in both programs.  Look out…Here Comes Lexington.

Karen Sapper, Principal

Lexington Elementary School

#Johnsonjagpride #StayJazzyJags

Thanks to Dr. Miyashiro and Governing Board President Tamara Otero for visiting Johnson on the Friday before Halloween!  It was just another calm and professional day on campus and a wonderful way to wrap up our Red Ribbon Week events.  

Throughout the course of the week, we enjoyed wearing jerseys to team up against drugs, chasing our dreams by wearing pajamas to school, a scavenger hunt that included, creating “pawsitive” messages on sticky notes, a photo booth (with props), and a door decoration contest. In the video, you will notice a sea of yellow, as our culminating event was to shine bright!  Thank you to our counselor Maria Lemus for organizing such an incredibly powerful week of events, and to all the teachers, students, and staff that made it possible.

We are off to a great start this year, and are excited about what the future holds!    



Casey Lange. Principal

Johnson Elementary School

(619) 588-3139

@Johnson CVUSD

Madison School is going to make you GREEN with envy!

Madison School is going to make you GREEN with envy!  Thanks to the hard work of James Beard, the Maintenance Department, and Urban Corp, Madison now has GREENER pastures!  We are working on our GREEN thumbs in order to maintain our new, beautiful, lush GREEN field!  We cordially give all of you the GREEN light to come enjoy our new view because, in this case, the grass IS always GREENER!

Christine Sphar, Principal

Madison Elementary School

P.S.  Our new field is also inspiring some fantastic student writing:

Covering the perimeter of the grass field was dirt and gravel. Filling the middle was green, low cut, and healthy grass. If you were to look close enough, the grass field looks like a baseball field. The grass would wait for the exited students to come and play until their time was up, then wait for the next day to arrive, which took forever.

By Aspen Aldama, Grade 5

Cajon Valley’s Educational Technology Department and Family & Community Engagement Center Host Two Computer to San Diego Kids Events in October!

Cajon Valley held two districtwide events to assist families in purchasing low cost technology and Internet service. Lexington Elementary and Naranca Elementary hosted Computers to San Diego Kids events on October 13, 2016 and October 19, 2016.

During the events Cajon Valley families were able to purchase refurbished netbooks for $100 or refurbished desktop computers for $80 from a nonprofit organization called, Computers to San Diego Kids. Families of Cajon Valley accessed 148 Lenovo Notebooks and Desktop Computers through the Computers to San Diego Kids event. 

What good is a computer without Internet these days? Cox cable also joined the event with their program Connect to Compete a program providing Internet service for $9.95 per month. Over 200 families were able to qualify for this service and walked away from the events with a service appointment for Internet connection at their home. 

Families who qualify for free or reduced lunch can inquire about purchasing refurbished computers with Computers to San Diego Kids by calling (858) 200-9787. For the Cox Connect to Compete reduced Internet service families may qualify if they are not current customers with Cox, do not have outstanding bills with Cox and qualify for free or reduced lunch. For Cox Connect to Compete Internet service call (855) 222-3252. Thank you to our hosts, Karen Sapper at Lexington Elementary and Mike Serban at Naranca Elementary, for providing space facilities for the event and to our compassionate Translators who assisted families with communication to Cox and Computers to San Diego Kids. 

Liz LoetherCoordinator of Educational Technology | (619) 588-3115  | @LizLoether

New Presentation Literacy Badge Series  –  Save the Date June 3, 2017 for TEDxKids@ElCajon

Greenfield Halloween Wonderland of Fun

Greenfield Middle School was transformed on Halloween into a Wonderland of fun.  Students and staff enjoyed the spirit of dressing up and sharing a positive spirit on campus.  Enjoy the brief video produced by GMS students, Rebecca and Brandon.

Susan Triestram  

Behavior Management Specialist/Teacher: English & Film

Greenfield Middle School

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’! 

Audrey Hepburn

Chase Elementary School Artists

4th and 5th graders from Chase displayed their art work at the San Diego Museum of Art on Saturday, Oct. 29.  Chase students were so proud, as were their families.

Janice Raymond, Chase Elementary School