US Department of Agriculture visits Anza School in El Cajon

Anza Elementary has partnered with the US Dept. of Agriculture to expand the garden.   The Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights at USDA has been working diligently to introduce gardening to children all over the country,  particularly in inner cities.  They have donated $15,000 to Anza for garden expansion and to support a girls after school soccer program.

The USDA is supporting a robust agriculture program  to enhance student understanding of environmental science.  On Thursday, September 29 volunteers built additional garden beds, work tables, and creating an outdoor classroom space.    Four members of the USDA flew out from Washington DC to assist in the expansion project.

After the final phase, Anza will have a Natural Habitat Garden supported by Earth Discovery Institute, a Nutrition Lab/Kitchen supported by Sage Garden Project, a “Kinder” vegetable garden, a Hummingbird and Butterfly Garden, and a Vegetable Garden with handicap accessibility supported by USDA.   Students will learn through exploration and experimentation to enhance their knowledge of environmental science. 

Cindy Knight, Principal

Anza Elementary School