W.D. Hall 3rd Grade Team Rocks @ El Cajon History Day!

On Friday, May 20, the third grade team celebrated El Cajon History Day at W.D. Hall. The students spent a couple of weeks this school-year learning about Native American history and the tribes that once lived in the region. The students also learned how El Cajon came to be and what trades/agreements took place allowing ownership of land to be passed from person to person. Third grade classes also had the opportunity to visit the Heritage of the Americas Museum at Cuyamaca College, the Olaf Wieghorst Museum, and the Knox House Museum. The unit on El Cajon History culminated with the third grade teachers hosting different events for El Cajon History Day. Students rotated from classroom to classroom where they participated in the fun activities. In one classroom, students were taught the Virginia Reel while in another they learned to write with a feather and ink. Another classroom held chalkboard math lessons and a separate classroom hosted a history-themed art project. Students also rotated to a classroom where they were taught old pioneer songs like “Oh! Susanna” and “Oh my Darling, Clementine”. The day was capped off with student participation in some historic P.E. activities such as a hula hoop race, an egg on a spoon race, and a three-legged man race. The students really seemed to enjoy themselves as can be seen by their smiles and festive outfits. Please view the shared video that recaps the event. Thank you.

Joshua Royal, M.S.

Special Day Class Teacher

W. D. Hall Elementary School

TED-Ed + TEDx = TEDucation in Cajon Valley

TED-Ed + TEDx = TEDucation in Cajon Valley. This video documentary highlights how the Cajon Valley Union School District implemented TED-Ed clubs across their district. Then created a community-wide TEDxKids@Cajon event to showcase students and student work. The TED efforts were supported at all levels of the school district from the Governing Board to the Custodial Staff literally bringing the district together under the TED umbrella.


Liz loether, Coordinator of Education Technology

Cajon Valley Union School District

Chromebook Wallpaper Contest Coming Soon

Pictured here is my friend and soon to be 8th grader at Hillsdale Middle School, Matthew Kashat.  Last week we had a great conversation about social media, responsible online behavior, and what the district should and should not control in terms of Chromebook wallpaper, Google Hangouts, and the like.  Matthew suggested we have a contest where students across the district could submit their wall paper design to be voted on.  The winning wall papers would appear on all student chromebooks and the school or classroom could win some small prize.  What a great idea.  We’ll try it out in June and see what the response is.  Students will receive information through their chromebook wallpaper=)…. See our correspondence below.  Very impressed by this bright and articulate student.


Hi Dr. Miyashiro! My name is Matthew Kashat and I am a 7th grader at Hillsdale Middle School. Lots of my classmates (including myself) have expressed strongly disliking the Chromebook default wallpaper, so I took it upon myself to reach out to you to see if it could please be changed. I think a great idea is to have a district wide contest cool artistic drawings, and could be like a monthly thing, but you do whatever you feel comfortable with doing.I hope my request came a cross clearly! If you could please respond back that be wonderful! Thank you for your consideration. 

Thank You For your time,

Matthew A Kashat, 7th Grader

Hillsdale Middle School


Dear Matthew,

Thank you so much for writing.  I love that you’re taking action on your interests and ideas.  I’ll be at Hillsdale on Friday visiting classrooms.  I would love the opportunity to meet with you in person.  Perhaps we can work out our visit schedule to allow for you to join us for lunch.  If you’re interested in that I’d be very happy to hear more.  If you’re available and interested in joining us for lunch, please let Mrs. Minjares know so we can plan on it.  If not I can meet with you after school.



David Miyashiro, Ed.D.


Cajon Valley Union School District

Proud to be Part of the Blossom Valley Family

It’s been an amazing year at Blossom Valley and we’ve made some tremendous shifts in how we approach the business of learning. It’s exciting to watch as teachers and students learn how to blend the use of new technology with projects both old and new. Risks are being taken..Kids and teachers alike are stepping outside their comfort zones, wrestling with the rigor of the new Common Core standards with its heavy emphasis on reading and writing, and venturing into the digital world of 21st century learning. Across the grade levels, students are working on their own and in collaborative groups, on projects in math, science, and social studies. They’re making things with their hands, inventing, building, hypothesizing and testing, creating. It’s frequently loud and messy, and the results are often nothing short of amazing. We’re rediscovering that learning is fun! I hear over and over again from parents how much their kids love coming to school, and it always brings a smile to my face. That’s the way it should be…the way it’s meant to be. As I reflect back on this year and the journey we’re just beginning, I’m excited for what the future holds, and very proud to be part of the Blossom Valley family.

Kirk Hoeben, Principal

Blossom Valley Elementary

Follow Team Magnolia #magnoliamindsblown #rollwithit

Team Magnolia likes to tweet and when we do, we use the hashtags #magnoliamindsblown and #rollwithit because our team is amazing and we realize that change is inevitable.  It leads to big learning, professional growth, and new opportunity if we choose to view it positively.   As we gear up for a big move back to our site we are excited and looking forward to going home. We are moving back home and we know that it is another opportunity to purge the cabinets of all the stuff we don’t really use or need.  We are moving back home and we’ve been given the opportunity to reimagine and design new learning space.  We are moving back home and we get to kick off a claim of distinction in the same way we would if we were opening a new site.  We are moving back home on our own terms and we are stronger than ever because we have done it together.  I am beyond proud when I call myself a member of Team Magnolia.  We are rolling with change and challenge because it keeps blowing our minds in positive, extraordinary ways.

Cajon Valley Middle School: Learning Into Action

Cajon Valley Middle School is committed to providing our students with hands on learning experiences that afford the opportunity to put their learning into action.  CVMS teachers are providing students with decidedly focused direct instruction in order to disseminate necessary information quickly and clearly.  CVMS students are given the opportunity to interact with that information and grow through a series of learning experiences that incorporate the application of newly acquired knowledge in a variety of ways.  Students interact with technology, build and test prototypes, and think critically throughout their day.  CVMS staff is caring and supportive.  We pride ourselves on building relationships focused on mutual respect. 

Justin Goodrich, Principal

Cajon Valley Middle School

Crest Coyotes on the Rise!

On May 5, 2016, we had the opportunity to share our growth with our visitors – Dr. Miyashiro, our Superintendent, and School Board member, Jo Alegria.  Our visitors observed students from TK to 5th grade using Chromebooks to access teacher created materials published via Google Classroom and Blendspace. Jo Alegria experienced the Star Lab brought on campus by Mrs. Spohn. Mrs. Spohn’s students were connecting their research about Greek myths to the constellations and the night sky.  Our librarian, Debra Davis, supported teachers by teaching research skills during library time.  Mrs. Davis taught students how to cite sources, determine website credibility, use the library system, and checkout multi-user ebook titles, which are digital books every student can read at the same time. Our counselor, Mrs. Clinger, taught classroom lessons about respect, empathy, and study skills.  Mrs. Clinger also supports our recess Peace Keepers, who provide positive behavior reinforcement to students at recess and lunch.  Our morning Crest TV broadcast, run by 4th and 5th graders, highlight weekly events and recognitions. Students in all grades volunteer for an anchor position to announce lunch for the day.  We are all very excited about the positive changes happening at Crest Elementary.

The Peace Path @ Jamacha Elementary School

This video is courtesy of CVUSD School Counselor Maria Lemus and some of her Jamacha scholars.  It is a modeling video on how to use the Peace Path.  The Peace Path is a path on the playground that empowers kiddos to solve conflicts all on their own. After the video was shared with all Jamacha students she received feedback from kids themselves saying they have tried using the Peace Path. 

“The Peace Path is a great tool for elementary schools in CVUSD to use in order to build students’ problem solving skills, and I wanted to share :)”

She is currently working on a “Problem solving” video with Madison, minus the Peace Path, but she’s hoping to get the Peace Path there in the future!

Thank you for sharing…

Maria G. Lemus, M.A., PPS

School Counselor @ Jamacha and Madison

Jacob Saflar & Los Coches Creek Win $1500 Award For Public Outreach Video

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 10.00.05 AM

Congratulations to Los Coches Creek’s own Jacob Saflar and Mrs. Ann Mason, recipients of the San Diego Chapter of the California Special Districts Association Public Outreach Video Contest!

The San Diego Chapter, an affiliate of the California Special Districts Association, initiated a Video Contest for Middle and High School Students, in an effort to provide educational outreach and awareness of special districts and their role in local government. The one-minute entertaining and creative video focuses on educating the public about “What’s So Special About Special Districts?”

 Jacob’s video on the Alpine Fire Protection District was one of  four videos were selected to receive $1500 in cash awards to be split between the school and the student.  Jacob and Mrs. Mason will be honored at an awards ceremony this Thursday, May 12, 2016, at 6 PM in the Board Room at Helix Water District, 7811 University Avenue, La Mesa. 


Dana Stevenson

Principal, Los Coches Creek Middle School

Naranca Elementary “We Love Our Teachers”

Naranca teachers have made a massive difference in the lives of their students by personalizing the learning for each student, by making learning visible and by helping students turn their passions into goals. It is such an honor to work with such a highly dedicated and motivated learning community. This video is a simple expression of love form the Naranca students, parents and administration. We love our teachers!!!!! 



Michael Serban – Principal

Naranca Elementary School

Cajon Valley Union School District