The Language Academy Celebrates Learning!

On November 5, 2015, the Language Academy held its first Demonstration of Learning event. During this event, students showcased the progress they have made in their acquisition of three languages: English, Spanish, and Coding. Our young scholars, TK-3rd grade, prepared oral presentations in Spanish and English to explain their coding Epic Build to parents and community members. Students and staff worked collaboratively to make this school-wide event an educational morning for everyone.

Each classroom was set up to allow all students to demonstrate their projects, and answer questions from our guests. The third grade students became the teachers, leading small groups of parents, grandparents, and other visitors wanting to learn more about coding and technology. Our “expert panel” described their projects, while audience members reveled in the experience of hearing from K-3rd grade students on the process they followed in putting their projects together.

At the Language Academy, we are committed to providing all students with multiple opportunities that engage them in relevant learning, while building character and leadership, inspiring creativity, promoting problem-solving, and preparing students for authentic audiences. This wonderful event brought the community together to celebrate our multilingual, multi-literate and multicultural students!

Izela R. Jacobo
Principal, Language Academy