A Great Day @ Los Coches Creek

A great day at LCC! Los Coches teachers and students were deeply involved in a wide range of exciting learning activities including: Every student experiencing a Google Cardboard Expedition, square dancing practice for the big day tomorrow, animation with GoAnimate, programming music with Arduinos, music, P.E., hands-on math modeling, video presentation, and blended learning with Go Math and teacher generated Google Classroom activities. Way to go team!

Dana Stevenson, Principal
Los Coches Creek Middle School

“Here @ Rancho San Diego…”

On Tuesday, November 19th, Dr. Miyashiro and Board Member Mrs. Tamara Otero visited Rancho San Diego Elementary School. All classrooms welcomed the team to view learning across all grades and subjects. Following the visit, I asked the 5th grade class to describe the Rancho experience. Collaboratively, here’s what we want to share with the CVUSD community:

“Here, at RSD… we ask good questions and are critical thinkers. We help others. We all work, collaborate, and accept each and every student. We make and build a cement wall around our team of Rancho Ravens where we will stick together and never give up. It is important that all of us work hard and persevere to achieve the most out of our learning experience.”

“Here, at RSD… Learning with technology is educational and fun! We work hard to do the BEST we can do, our teachers INSPIRE us to do everything we can to go ABOVE and BEYOND our limit, and we work together!”

“Here, at RSD… Rancho Ravens are soaring to new heights. We are global citizens, we help each other, and we have creative imaginations!”

Thankful to serve as Principal at Rancho San Diego,

Cherie Wall, Principal
Rancho San Diego Elementary

T-Bird Food Truck Night @ Greenfield Middle School

Every 3rd Wednesday of every month, Greenfield Middle School Hosts T-Bird Food Truck Night, from 5pm-7:30pm. All school, district, and community members are welcome to come out and join the fun in the Third St. turn-around pick-up area. Lunch tables are open for families to eat dinner together. This last Wednesday night, Nov. 18th, our very own GMS Drum Line performed, under the direction of Joan Knoernschild and Steven Spence. Great things are happening @GreenfieldCVUSD …!!!

Gregory Calvert, Principal
Greenfield Middle School

“Kicking the Blues” @ Greenfield Middle School

The Greenfield Arts Pathway (GAP) held its first Gala event for Trimester 1 on Wednesday, November 4th. The evening was a huge success. The theme of the event was “Kicking The Blues,” and it included student exhibitions and presentations of project-based learning, along with our fall performance of Annie, Jr. Many school and community members came out to support students and enjoy a great evening. In speaking with teachers after the event, a common response was, “I’m so proud of my students!” Teachers are commended for their efforts in supporting student work. We look forward to upcoming GAP Gala Events on the following evenings: March 3rd (Trimester 2) and June 8th (Trimester 3). Come out and enjoy the celebration of student work.

Submitted by Joan Knoernschild, Teacher & GAP Facilitator
Greenfield Middle School

Hillsdale CyberPatriots Compete

A big congratulations to our Hillsdale CyberPatriot teams who completed their first national competition at Cuyamaca College on November 13.

Teams were given a scenario in which they had to secure a company computer to prevent hackers from stealing their trade secrets. They had to race against the clock to figure out how to identify and delete suspicious files, change profiles, and find weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the system to make it secure.

They were able to successfully complete 13 of 16 tasks.

Our teams consist of Tyler Bryson, Ryan Daniels, Adria Duhamel, PB Griffen, Aiden Hirasuna, Kian Mahmoodi, and Ethan Roberts.

Way to go Hillsdale CyberPatriots!

Marietta Minjares, Principal
Hillsdale Middle School

The Language Academy Celebrates Learning!

On November 5, 2015, the Language Academy held its first Demonstration of Learning event. During this event, students showcased the progress they have made in their acquisition of three languages: English, Spanish, and Coding. Our young scholars, TK-3rd grade, prepared oral presentations in Spanish and English to explain their coding Epic Build to parents and community members. Students and staff worked collaboratively to make this school-wide event an educational morning for everyone.

Each classroom was set up to allow all students to demonstrate their projects, and answer questions from our guests. The third grade students became the teachers, leading small groups of parents, grandparents, and other visitors wanting to learn more about coding and technology. Our “expert panel” described their projects, while audience members reveled in the experience of hearing from K-3rd grade students on the process they followed in putting their projects together.

At the Language Academy, we are committed to providing all students with multiple opportunities that engage them in relevant learning, while building character and leadership, inspiring creativity, promoting problem-solving, and preparing students for authentic audiences. This wonderful event brought the community together to celebrate our multilingual, multi-literate and multicultural students!

Izela R. Jacobo
Principal, Language Academy

Rios Computer Science Showcase

On Friday, November 6th, Rios students had an opportunity to share their ”Epic Build” Scratch Projects with fellow students, parents, community members and special guest. The Showcase was the culminating event for our first trimester Computer Science Program, which focused on Block Coding. The tool we used was “Scratch,” a block coding program created by research students at MIT. Student from TK through 5th grade created a grade level Epic Build project or game for the Showcase. The Epic Build Project aligned to the computer science concepts and skills taught during the first trimester. For example, third grade students learned about loops and conditionals then created a project called, Pole Position. In this project, students used loops and conditional statement blocks to create a two player racetrack game. Not only did the students design the race course, create boundaries, and sprites, they learned how to use variables to count laps and programmed keyboard arrows to control movement within the game! In addition to students demonstrating their Scratch projects, our fifth grade students shared a Keynote Presentation which included an informational slideshow­ It was like a mini TED talk! Students were so excited and the energy throughout the school was electrifying! As principal, I am humbled and inspired by Rios teachers and students! They accepted the challenge of becoming a computer science magnet school and share their enthusiasm for learning together! Special “shout­out” to Andrew and Keith­ CODE to the Future, Ruben and Miguel­ Print Shop, David, Kari and Jonathan­ District Leadership, and Justin Slagle, Tamara Otero, Jo Alegria, Suzanne Mullins, and Jill D. Barto­ School Board Trustees. Thank you all for supporting our school! Looking forward to our second trimester Showcase­ LEGO Robotics.

Maria Kehoe, Principal
Rios Computer Science Magnet School