Celebrating our STARS at Cajon Valley Middle School

As we are approaching June and the end of the school year at Cajon Valley Middle, we continue to celebrate our STARS: our students and all of our classified and certificated staff who have worked so tirelessly to support students and build meaningful, positive relationships with each student. We navigated state testing, and we are finishing the school year strong. Science teachers are working on dissections and cell analysis with microscopes, teachers are integrating technology to enhance instruction and learning activities for student learning, 8th grade English teachers are selecting finalists for promotion speeches, … Everyone is working together to ensure the strongest finish to a GREAT year… Cougar Pride!!!

Cougar Pride!
Gregory Calvert, Principal
Cajon Valley Middle School

Magnolia 2nd Graders “Tribute to Memorial Day”

The Magnolia 2nd grade students presented a patriotic performance featuring a tribute to Memorial Day and a musical salute to the four branches of the military. Students researched the history and purpose of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines and learned the anthems of each of these branches of the armed forces. They worked together to present the key understandings and qualities of our military heroes and how they have served our country, both past and present. Students used their computer skills to collaboratively create a grade-level digital slideshow depicting the heroism and sacrifice of the U.S. service members. A poignant tribute was sung to honor military members of the Magnolia family as students held the photographs of these military heroes. The final song featured student-made artwork showing the glory of America the Beautiful.

Julie Dutcher
Rogelio Palacio
Kathy Shevlin
Marty Stadtmueller
Heather Wolzen​

Flying Hills Students Featured on KUSI

Flying Hills Elementary School students were recently featured on KUSI during the America on Main Street Celebration! At the event, our students to sang, danced, and played their instruments in front of a large crowd during the annual El Cajon Celebration. This opportunity was made possible thanks to the great leadership and dedication of Mr. Dyke and Mrs. Barnes, two fabulous FAME teachers at Flying Hills!

CVUSD Middle Schools & NFL Play 60

On Tuesday, May 19, two dozen students students from Cajon Valley Middle School joined students from the other CVUSD middle schools in a closing event for NFL Play 60. Professional NFL players from the San Diego Chargers, as well as volunteers from local law enforcement agencies and students from El Capitan High School, participated in various drills at Greenfield Middle School. It was a great day that celebrated student participation in the NFL Play 60 program. Thanks to the NFL and the San Diego Chargers for organizing such a great event for our students.

Created by Liz Loether, CVMS
Submitted by Greg Calvert, CVMS

“I’ve Got a Lot of Work to Do” @ Meridian Elementary School

Governing Board Member Jo Alegria and Dr. Miyashiro visited Meridian on Wednesday. The students and staff were very excited to show off their projects and the digital tools they are using on their Chromebooks. Our JiJi Math Masters showed off their math skills, superstar readers presented projects and read books with their peers, and 2nd graders worked in cooperative groups to solve multi-step math problems. One little first grader scurried by us with his Chromebook in his hands and a big grin on his face saying, “I’ve got a lotta work to do!” He was the epitome of a happy, eager learner! Teachers were equally involved facilitating projects and providing small group and individualized instruction. A great combination of effective instructional strategies combined with innovative practices is in the works at Meridian! We really enjoyed the visit and opportunity to share our exciting plans for next year’s media room, Student Led Conferences and brand new playground! Thank you, Mrs. Alegria and Dr. Miyashiro for your visit and continued support.

Michelle Hayes, Principal
Meridian Elementary School

Steve Bailey Wins Top Award From Classroom of the Future Foundation

Innovative Principal Award
Steve Bailey, Principal
Emerald STEAM Magnet Middle School
EmSTEAM Academy

Innovative Principal Award winner Steve Bailey is principal of Emerald STEAM Magnet Middle School. He has helped develop innovative learning programs that emphasize exploration and design thinking to help students develop their STEAM skills. In only his first year as a site principal, Steve demonstrated “Rookie of the Year” qualities. The staff at Emerald is top notch! There’s a true “Emerald” in the Valley!

Let the Games Begin!

The Greenfield Physical Education staff would like to invite you to our annual middle school track meet held May, 26th Tuesday at Granite Hills High School. The events begin at 1:30 pm and ends around 4:30 pm. All Cajon Valley Middle schools and Joan McQueen Middle will be attending. This event is one of the After School Program highlights of the year for the athletes, coaches, and parents. This meet would not take place if it were not for the Granite Hills track team volunteers, the After School program and Greenfield Middle School as the host. This event gives these students a window into the sport of track and field, and many go on to run in high school and college.

If you have time in your schedule and can attend, I know you will be thrilled with the competitiveness, sportsmanship, and unity this event brings.

Thank you for making this all possible.

Candace Francel
Patrik Gunnarsson
Dan Herman
Tammy Olivieri

Minecraft/Microsoft visit Cajon Valley

A couple of weeks ago The University of San Diego, Code to the Future, our Governing Board, and District Staff hosted Vu Bui, COO of Mojang, the creators of Minecraft. The success of Emerald’s “Saturday Code School”, which both allows students to make up absences and the district to recover ADA money, gave us glimpse of what a powerful teaching tool Minecraft can be. With a lack of Common Core Instructional Materials in ELA and Next Generation Science, Minecraft has the potential to fill a curriculum gap. Attached are some of the media captured during the event.




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