PTA Reflections Art Winners

Thank you to all of the schools that participated this year in the annual National PTA Reflections Art Contest. The Art Show was a great success with parents and students coming to view their art. With the exception of the art moving on to the next level, the art will be returned to their schools after Thanksgiving break.
The pieces that were selected to move forward will be sent to Ninth District PTA at the San Diego County Office of Ed. Once there, they will be judged and any pieces moving forward to receive awards will be kept until the Ninth District PTA’s Arts Reception Evening on March 13, 2015. Any pieces not qualifying for special mention will be returned by the end of January.

Please join me in congratulating the following winners in Cajon Valley!

Dance Choreography
Alexi Grabia Hillsdale Middle School
Alexis Moua Flying Hills Elementary

Jack Gavin Flying Hills Elementary
Aurora Wendall
Hillsdale Middle School
Saige Wilbur Flying HIlls Elementary
Jaklyn Everett
Flying Hills Elementary

Owen Costello Chase Elementary
Benjamin Miller
Flying Hills Elementary
Judith Sperry Hillsdale Middle
Madison Shephard
Flying HIlls Elementary
Cesar Oros Avocado Elementary

Visual Arts
Soleil JaQuay Avocado Elementary
Peyton Beers Avocado Elementary
Trent Contreras
Los Coches Creek Middle
Rita Aflleje Los Coches Creek Middle
Alya Maestas Hillsdale Middle
Sophia LaRosh Flying HIlls Elementary
James Smith Montgomery Middle
Clarissa Rodriguez
Los Coches Creek Middle
Vanessa Nunez Los Coches Creek Middle
Regina Acosta
Avocado Elementary
Ashley Petros Los Coches Creek Middle
Ashley Feil Blossom Valley Elementary
Samantha Arnold
Los Coches Creek Middle
Leela Whatley Los Coches Creek Middle

If these students are your schools, please share our congratulations!

Thank you to all of the schools who encouraged their students to participate. It is a personal highlight of my year to see our students so engaged in self expression.

Tamara Otero, PTA Reflections Chair

CVUSD Governing Board President

UCSD and Meridian Partner up on Math/Science Club

Meridian Elementary School Extended Day Program partnered with the University of California, San Diego’s Math program to provide an after school Math and Science Club! Each Monday and Wednesday afternoon Dr. Daniel Bajic along with Anthony Bajic and the UCSD math students worked with over 70 students in the area of math and science. The students loved the small group math tutoring and hands on science experiments. The students also developed their public speaking skills and participated in a speech contest. A huge thank you to the UCSD students, Professor Bajic, Mr. Tony, Renell Nailon, and Pastor Rolland Slade for this wonderful opportunity!

W.D. Hall students were excited to participate in JA For A Day!

Junior Achievement, in collaboration with volunteers from local businesses and universities, provided guest teachers for every classroom at W.D. Hall on Friday, November 14, 2015.Students were introduced to fundamental principles of economics and the relevance of education in the workplace through relatable stories and activities. Students had a great time with their guest teachers and it was a pleasure to work with community partners. Thank you JA and volunteers!

Colleen Newman
W.D. Hall Elementary School

Engineers in Kindergarten​!

Engineers in Kindergarten​!

For three and a half years Madison has been striving to remake itself as a “21st Century School”. For us, being a “modern school” means keeping your feet firmly planted in two worlds: the world of providing a quality education to all students focused on “the three Rs” of “Reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic” and the world of engaging students’ interests and igniting their passions for learning using technology and innovative teaching strategies. The need for both a solid foundation and a framework for future learning and global citizenship has helped Madison teachers embrace Project/Problem-Based Learning and the Next Generation Science Standards. This fall our Kindergarten students have been working on meeting this Next Gen Science standard: Use tools and materials to design and build a structure that will reduce the warming effect of sunlight on an area. Our kindergarteners are engineers!

The Kindergarten Team and Principal, Christine Sphar

Madison Elementary School

Engaging Anza Parents

Images from our last parent workshop at Anza. We had parents come in for 2 and a half hours to learn about the technology and programs their children were using at Anza in the classroom and how they can expand it to home. Parents also were able to go into classrooms to see the blended learning with the use of technology in progress. They finished up the session by making posters for other parents in Arabic. Parents loved it!

Cindy Knight

Principal Anza Elementary


Just a Typical Wednesday at Johnson Elementary

Since August, the dynamic teaching staff at Johnson has been learning and implementing the Lucy Calkins Writers’ Workshop. Everyday students are excited to spend sixty minutes crafting new stories, exploring language, and learning writing techniques they can use throughout their lives. The teachers’ mastery of the program’s mini-lesson is evident in the students’ enthusiasm and in the quantity and quality of work the students are producing. In addition to the writers’ workshop, our upper grades have also jumped feet first into the blended learning model. Hats off to our teachers for their positive attitudes and hard work! Way to go Jaguars!

Christina Wesley-Willis, Principal
Johnson Elementary School

Hillsdale Middle School is “Where Everyone Belongs”

Hillsdale Middle School is “Where Everyone Belongs”. We are a community of students, families and staff members committed to supporting and providing an enriching educational environment that prepares our students for success in the 21st century. This positive and encouraging school environment is achieved through a variety of engaging classroom experiences where teachers are committed to guiding students to utilize their skills and knowledge in order to achieve their goals or reach their full potential. Huskies are encouraged to find their niche and build connections in our community. Whether it is music, drama, fitness, leadership/service clubs, technology courses, academic bee’s, lunchtime programs, afterschool sports and more, there is something for everyone at Hillsdale Middle School.

Marietta Minjares, Principal
Hillsdale Middle School

Hillsdale Middle School Symphonic Band Salutes El Cajon Veterans

Director Spencer Caldwell and the Hillsdale Middle School Symphonic Band had the distinct privilege of playing before the El Cajon City Council, distinguished officials, and the Veterans of El Cajon. Thank you Principal Marietta Minjares, Director Spencer Caldwell, and students for representing the Cajon Valley Union School District in this important event… And thank you Veterans for your service!

Thankful for “Magnolia”

Since it’s November , I think it apropos to share what I am thankful for at Magnolia Elementary:

-A diverse community who trusts our staff to protect and educate their students
-The opportunity to work with bright, inspired professionals
-Teachers and support staff who are willing to trail blaze and take risks
-A PTA willing to host fun family events that build a greater sense of inclusion and community
-A school community that has embraced and implemented change in every corner of our campus
-Blended learning implemented in some form in every classroom

Finally, I am thankful for this journey and appreciate the enthusiasm, patience, and teamwork Magnolia has modeled as we take every step together.

Amanda Silva, Principal
Magnolia Elementary School